Events & Sponsorships


Brighton Center's TASTE of the Northside Partner

Ready to Run logistics is a proud sponsor of Brighton Center's 2019 TASTE of the Northside.  The event directly benefits the Brighton Center and provides critical funding to the organization that allows them to provide services to children with disabilities and delays in San Antonio.  In just 20 years, TASTE of the Northside has raised over $6.5M for the organization, and we are happy to be a part of that.

Gabriella's 5K Cupcake Run Sponsor

We are humbled and honored to support Gabriella's Smile Foundation and the 2019 Gabriella's 5k Cupcake Run.  This foundation is truly close to our heart.  It was created to provide grants to families of children diagnosed with DIPG in the United States, promote and increase awareness of DIPG in our community, and help fund DIPG research. They also provide grants to families of children diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer getting treatment in San Antonio, Texas and offer support for the pediatric oncology patients at the local Children’s Hospitals.

Learn more about the organization and how you can give back here: 

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The Halliburton Charity Golf Tournament- San Antonio

Halliburton is one of our biggest customers, and when we learned about The Halliburton Charity Golf Tournament- San Antonio, benefiting numerous charitable organizations throughout South Texas, we jumped at the opportunity to participate as Platinum Sponsors.  

We believe it is so important to give back to our community, and we are more than thankful for the opportunity to participate in such a worthy cause.

2nd Annual Halliburton Gunsmoke Benefit Shoot

On May 3rd 2019 we particpated in the 2nd Annual Halliburton Gunsmoke Benefit Shoot in support of the West Texas Food2Kids Program.  Sadly, many of our school aged children go from Friday at lunch until Monday at breakfast without a meal. Thankfully, the Food2Kids program tries to fill this gap.  

We are glad to be a part of supporting this organization and cause.


Social Butterfly Empowerment Movement

We firmly believe when we empower women, we are empowering our entire community.  Social Butterfly is a newly established Women Empowerment Organization with a mission to uplift, inspire, and support women and girls and we proudly participated as a sponsor for their Social Butterfly Empowerment Movement event on South Padre Island, TX this summer.

Click below to learn more about Social Butterfly and their mission!

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Sisters in Christ St. Dominic Women's ACTS 2019 Sponsor

When a family member, community member, of friend reaches out for a helping hand we are always here to help!  This year, the Sisters in Christ from St. Dominic Church reached out for a sponsorship for their Women ACTS 2019 retreat and we were more than happy to participate.  

Amelia Strong Benefit

We were moved and humbled to participate as a sponsor and attend the Amelia Strong Benefit in August 2019.  Amelia Lechuga is a pillar in the Victoria, TX community through her efforts to give back and help those in need.  She experienced some serious health issues earlier this year and we loved watching her community rally around her to assist her through her this time of need.

Learn more about Amelia's story and how you can help here:

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